About the Site

Interactive Media Web is an undergraduate design elective course at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. This website is for students who are actively participating in the course but it's also for anyone that's curious about the World Wide Web as a creative medium. Take a look around and leave your mark along the way!

About the Instructor

Peter Ha is an artist, designer and educator. He is a co-founder of Equal Parts Studio, a Toronto-based contemporary graphic design practice. Their process is founded on curiosity and finding the joy and playfulness in every project. He teaches design process and interactive media at OCAD U and typography at Toronto Metropolitan University.


Original syllabus by Ali S. Qadeer
Design and Development by Peter Ha
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Required Readings

A Handmade Web

by J.R. Carpenter

What Screens Want

by Frank Chimero

My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be?

by Laurel Schwulst

Additional Texts

Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production Chapter: Interface and Interpretation

by Johanna Drucker

Database as Symbolic Form

by Lev Manovich

Touring Complete User

by Olia Lialina

The Poetry of Tools

by Mindy Seu

The Web’s Grain

by Frank Chimero

What is Code?

by Paul Ford